Facet is an AI-native platform for automating photo and video production, used every day by thousands of creatives around the world.

Facet works by decomposing images and videos in human terms: lighting, color, composition, and content, powering interactive editing that goes beyond inert blocks of pixels.

As a creative tool, Facet is fluent in the language of professional-grade, non-destructive editing, and is compatible with existing tools like Photoshop and Capture One. Unlike existing tools, however, every Facet project contains a custom API endpoint that automatically converts high-end creative work into an automated content production pipeline that can be plugged in directly to your CMS, CDN, or ad server.

Put simply, using image understanding as a bridge, Facet empowers artists to scale their production workloads to meet the demands of modern creative operations and marketing teams.


Facet uses computer vision to edit images directly in terms of its semantics — the relationships and ideas inherent in the content — rather than the raw data. At the same time, Facet needs to be fast, intuitive, and serve practical artistic needs.

Facet automatically detects every object in your images, so you can edit content instead of pixels.

Automatically propagate content-aware edits from one image across every image in the batch.

Make quick template macros to help new folks get up to speed quickly with consistent results.

Web-based Collaboration

Facet keeps your entire team in sync, editing together in real-time and sharing creative control. With powerful contextual search, workflow management, and integrations that fit any environment, Facet is a complete image editing platform that works the way you think.

Real Time collaboration is the way things should be. Share a link and have others view, edit, and provide feedback in real time, while you make changes. No dealing with downloads, versions, and distribution.

Keep everyone in sync — share and collaborate on projects, drafts, and revisions from anywhere on any device.

Edit images together — collaborate in real-time with other editors, share revisions and get feedback from anyone every step of the way.

Share creative control — produce near-final edits to clients, providing them with a limited set of editable controls to get the best results, fast.


Every project in Facet is automatically an API . Need to scale up your edits to the entire shoot? Edit once and then hit export. Facet fills in the rest.

Or connect your CMS or ad server to integrate your treatments for instant publishing, or provide hand-designed photo filters to your apps for everyone to enjoy.

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