Facet includes a powerful tool called “Color Match” for automatically matching colors between a source and target image.

Color Match will analyze your source image and your target image, identifying commonalities in content, structure and style, in order to produce an accurate match. There are two modes in Color Match: Artistic and AI Preset.

In Artistic mode, Facet transfer the colors from the source image to your target image to produce a stylized effect. For example, Facet’s Color Match attempts to compensate for hair color, eye color and skin tone, as well as matching background colors separately from matching foreground object colors.

In the AI Preset mode, the effect is photographic, and thus more subtle than results from applying the Artistic mode. AI Preset mode is intended to capture the look, feel, and ambiance of your source image. Our AI technology automatically creates a preset for you based on what it interprets as the original intent of the maker behind the source image.

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