Facet makes it easy to add texture to your images to give them a different mood. In this quick example, I'll show how to create a vintage feel in seconds, and then show how Facet's unique features allow you to put your own creative spin on it. Here's the image I'll be starting with:

First, on the right hand side of the editor, select the "Fill" operation:

Within "Fill", select "Image":

This will prompt you to upload an image. For this tutorial, I've searched for "paper texture" on Unsplash - this is a good resource of free-to-use texture images. Here's the image I've used:

When I first run this, it will replace my image with the image of the paper. Below the preview of the fill image on the right side, there's a menu of available blend modes. There's a good guide to the different textures you can achieve with blend modes here. In this tutorial, I'll use the Darken mode:

Now my entire image has a rough-looking paper texture applied. But what if I think that it's too strong on the subject of the image, and loses too much detail? With Facet, it's easy to take this effect and apply it to only part of the image. To do this, we'll just drag the adjustment layer into a group that's applied to the background of the image. As you can see, I've already created a "Background" group for this image - see this guide on how to do that in Facet. Once I've done that, I can simply drag the layer on the left side into the "Background" group.

And now I have the paper texture applied to the background only, keeping the details available in the foreground.

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