This article will show you how Facet's object selection features can make your image editing flow more productive. We'll start with the following image:

Immediately, we can see that the subject in the foreground is too dark. To fix that, let's create a layer for the foreground:

The purple region in the editor will help you see what objects are being selected. When you're satisfied, click the region to create a new layer group with this mask. When we've done that, we can add a simple light adjustment to brighten that region of the image:

Now suppose that, after making this adjustment, we think that the person's hat looks a little too saturated. We can easily adjust just that part of the image by creating another new layer group:

And adding a "Color" layer to that group to adjust saturation:

This guide showed just some basic editing: combine these techniques with mask refinement and composition options to create very precisely tuned images.

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