Retouching tools in Facet let you make detailed corrections to your images directly on the canvas. Dodge and Burn are two modes that let you lighten or darken specific areas of your image(s). These tools adjust exposure right where you want, rather than adjust globally across the entire image.

To begin retouching an image in Facet, select the Retouch icon from the Facet toolbar by clicking on the brush icon:

To the right of this icon, you'll notice icons for the Dodge and Burn modes, as well as controls for brush size, hardness, and exposure:

To make adjustments, select Dodge or Burn, and simply start brushing your images.

When you make your first brush stroke, a new retouch adjustment will be created to contain your edits. Look at the top of your pattern and you’ll see this new adjustment. This adjustment acts like any other Facet adjustment. It can be dragged anywhere in your pattern to change its blend ordering.

As you make more Dodge or Burn brush strokes, the strokes will be added to this retouch adjustment. For more intense adjustments, stroke the Dodge or Burn brushes over the same area multiple times.

To stop retouching, select another tool from the toolbar at the top of the Facet screen.

To edit an existing retouch adjustment, select that adjustment from the adjustment list on the left side of the screen. Facet will switch to the appropriate retouch mode, and your new brushstrokes will be added to that existing retouch adjustment.

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